Made it Monday (On a Tuesday)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kind of lame to miss this on the second week but better late than never. I did think about this at like 9:30 last night but I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my sister and she does live in Africa so that's a good excuse right? And I also was, ironically, crocheting a Christmas present so at least I was still making something... :)

Anyway, I thought I would share about something that riley really made. And when I say that I mean it.

I think control is something we all struggle with to one degree or another. And being a parent seems to reveal how much. I also believe that it is probably a little bit specific to our own gifts, likes, and talents. So my tone-deaf self will probably not struggle with being controlling over my children's musical talents, if they happen to have any. But I love to craft. And Riley loves when we make things together. And it is a struggle for me to help her when needed (like with the hot glue gun) but not with the things she can do herself.

So about a week or so ago we were talking with G-ma and Riley found out that G-ma didn't have a Christmas tree. Riley found that completely unacceptable so I thought we should make her one. I had seen some made out of popsicle sticks on pinterest and had everything we needed on hand so we went for it.

Step one was to paint the sticks green. And this is what we got:

It took a lot of self-control to not try to "help" more than I did and have them all perfectly painted green. And same thing with my mind wanting to evenly space the "ornaments" and bring a bit of order to the color pattern. But I managed and I think it is way better this way. My guess is my mom is over getting crafts made by me (at least on this level) and she probably loves it all the more knowing that it was Riley's creativity and not my control that made it look the way it does.

And it's beautiful!

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