Made it Monday: Mini Christmas Banner

Monday, December 9, 2013

Okay because 7in7 wasn't enough I am going to try another blog challenge. Made it Mondays.  I am going to try to do a weekly post about something I have made. I love to create. To take something that is basically nothing and make it beautiful. To make something warm to be worn, or a toy to be played with, or a decoration to create a place of peace and beauty. It is cathartic for me. And I don't do it enough. So this will help with that. Although I, luckily, have a stockpile of stuff I have made lying around in case I fall behind. 

So here goes, I will start with Christmas!

I am tradition obsessed.  I think that because my parents weren't together and traditions were at most an every other year thing I tend to go a little over the top with trying to make traditions, especially now that we have kids. Luckily Matthew is my realistic anchor who keeps me from going too overboard. 

But we do have a tradition of putting our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I would even do it right after the meal but that is the non-football fan in me so we hold off until Friday. Then I spend the rest of the month adding creations little by little to make it homey. And every year I have to buy more storage bins for our Christmas decor. And every year our house gets a little more spirited.  

In the summer of 2012 we went to Indiana to visit Matthew's parents.  We had fun doing some antiquing (which I totally loved and want to do more of!). We bought some antique windows that have since been wrapped up in a box and left in the garage but I finally convinced Matthew to bring one in for our entry table. It felt like a grand reunion when I saw how perfectly shabby it is with its chipped paint and rustic feel. But it needed a little help getting into the spirit so I decided to make a little banner. 

I wish I could get a better picture but our entry way is super narrow so this is me standing with my back against the wall and the phone pulled back next to me as far as I could get it so it will have to do!

So simple and I had everything on hand so it was also free. WOOT! I cut out the burlap triangles. I did it freehanded and just used one I cut as a loose template. I kind of like that they aren't identical though. It adds to the charm. I had an alphabet template on hand and used paint pens to add the letters. Then just my good ole hot glue gun and some twine to finish her up! And I only burnt myself once!

I had this idea on a whim and can't even give credit to pinterest (not to say I haven't seen something similar on there before but whatevs!). I think it is a charming touch to our entryway and it finally made me put one of our awesome windows to use! Now just to figure out what to do with the other 3 that are still in the garage...

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