Broken- Part 2 (7in7: Day 4)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

This is part 2 to yesterdays post, so if you haven't yet, read that!  My thoughts were still rambling but I just felt like it needed to stop where it did. But it definitely wasn't the end so here is the rest! 

In the darkness He came.  He met her there and took her hand.  He turned her head to look back into the mirror and spoke His love to her.  In her broken place. When she felt ugly and worthless and unfixable. He held her. Just as she was. Infected. Wounded. Broken. In that place He paused and He loved her. 

"My daughter, you were made in my image. I knew you before you existed. I created you beautifully and wonderfully. I carefully and precisely knit you together to be just who you are. And you are lovely. You are always on my mind. I love you deeply. I want to share with you great and mysterious things. Look for me, my darling, and you will find me. Rest in my love and do not be afraid."

Her fear had kept her wounds covered. But now love would uncover them. She had known He loved her. But the belief hadn't penetrated her heart. She deep down believed the lie that she had to earn it. That she had to be enough. That is what life had taught her. That the love  she needed wasn't there because she wasn't enough for it. So she strived. She strived to be what she thought He needed her to be.

But in this moment, where she saw the gravity of her brokenness like never before. He paused. And the pause mattered. He didn't wait for her change or be fixed. He just whispered His love to her.

Then He, still holding her hand, gently and graciously removed the first bandage. It ripped her flesh and reopened the wound. But there he tenderly and carefully treated it. He continued to speak His gentle words as He did this. Speaking truth over the lie that created each wound. 

This wasn't a moment that marked the end of her brokenness. It was instead a beginning.  A beginning of a journey that He was inviting her on. To more deeply understand the height and depth of His love for her and to enable her to be a reflection of that love.

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