Torn (7in7: Day 1)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Her memories are lacking. The few she has are blurred. This helped her cope. But it gave a false sense of healing. The hurt was buried so deep that she couldn't recognize the lingering effects. Though buried deep and not recalled often, the memories are still wounds that sting. It's like a deep bruise that stays forgotten until it is bumped. And then the pain comes on quick. 

She remembers little about the day. What caused the fight. What they wanted. Why she was in the middle. But she remembers the moment. The two people who should have given her the most security stood on either side. Each took a hand. She was old enough to remember but young enough to distort the memory. It likely only lasted a few seconds but felt like it never ended. They pulled. She was afraid. She felt unsafe. She didn't know who to turn to because she should have been turning to them both. Each wanted something different and trapped her in between. She never left this place. It never happened again-- but this feeling stayed with her the rest of her life. The safe became unsafe. The known became unknown. And a little girl stood alone in the middle. 

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  1. I know you were hesitant about your writing did a great job with this entry! Very well done!