I am Lisa. 
I am a daughter of God. 
I am a follower of Jesus Christ. 
I am a wife to Matthew.
I am a mother to Riley and Matthias.
I am a woman on a journey to understand the greatness of God and his calling on my life. 
I am a woman who is broken and wounded but who serves a God who restores and heals.
I am a woman with a story that is being written.

This is my crew. 
My husband Matthew is passionate, techy, goofy, hairy, kind, intelligent and a bit nerdy. We have been married since 2008 and are learning better each year how to have a marriage that reflects Christ. Matthew works at The Austin Stone as the Director of Production and works at home helping me raise the wee ones. 
Our daughter Riley is crazy, joyful, goofy, curious, compassionate, active, loving, musical, klutzy, and hungry (always hungry!).
Our son Matthias is happy, growing, teething, giggly, wiggly, funny, wobbly and fat (very fat!). 
These are my blessings, my work, my joy, and my loves. I am overwhelmed that God has given me such a life and such a family to live and love with.

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