Made it Monday: Happy Anniversary

Monday, January 27, 2014

Matthew and I are about to celebrate 6 years together! CRAZY!!

 These are my absolute favorite pictures from the wedding.  These were literally taken RIGHT after the ceremony while we waited to start taking the "real" pictures. The only word I can use to describe this moment is bliss. I was in giddy shock that I was actually married and that this man was MINE to love for the rest of my life! 

I will save all the sap for another post but I feel incredibly blessed that in all the joys and challenges of the last six years this man was by my side.

In 6 years we have called 4 places home. One was only ours for 6 weeks... and 3 weeks of that was Matthew living there before the wedding...and 1 week of that was our honeymoon, so that never really felt like home. In Austin we lived in 3 apartments, one of those moves though was literally jumping across the hall to a bigger apartment after we had Riley. Then a year and a half ago we bought our first home! We looked at some homes that we would have had to fix up and even made an offer on one. I am SO thankful that it didn't go through since we found out we were pregnant a month after we moved in. Our house was move in ready so while there are things we would like to do we haven't had the stress of trying to remodel. Really all we have done is get some new furniture and slap some paint on the walls!

We have been talking for awhile about redoing our bedroom. So we decided to take the plunge and for our anniversary put some money into that. We started with the closet because we needed some organization to happen in there, especially since we have 2 big dressers we are getting rid of. 

I lamely forgot to get a before picture but there was just one rod for hanging clothes that went all the way around and had a shelf on it. And now we have this:

On Friday we cleaned everything out, tore down the shelf, sanded, and Matthew ran to Ikea to pick up what we needed. Saturday we painted and Matthew installed the rods. Sunday I made the bad choice to try to put the shelf together on my own and I got this far:

Then not only was I not able to get the last 2 sides on but I also had the realization that I was never going to be able to lift this by myself. Matthew came to my rescue after he got home from work and put it up! 

We are both loving how much more fits in there and how organized it is. We are still deciding (agreeing on!) what else we will do in our bedroom so stay tuned for that!

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